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Making searching online even easier

We all want to be #1 on the search rankings. SEO optimization is a key element to achieving this prestige spot, but how could we make it easier to find what we are looking for or to be found in search queries? Easy, by using certain terms and operators!

There are many additions used in helping SEO companies to optimize a website, but we should be using more of these operators in our everyday searches.

I’m going to list a few helpful additions you should add to your queries, in search engines like Google, to enhance results displayed and cut down the time you spend searching the web.

Normal search:
Graphic Designers Birmingham

This search will result in the three words being searched separately. Firstly this will produce too many results to trawl through and secondly may not even show up ‘graphic designers in Birmingham’. This is because websites with higher page rankings and more links may get onto the search result with only the words ‘graphic designers’, but could be based anywhere in the world.

Exact phrase search:
“Graphic Designers Birmingham”

Adding speech marks to a search enables the search engine to look for that exact phrase. Why not experiment; search Graphic Designers Birmingham and screen grab your results. Do that search again with speech marks added and compare results.

Site engines are very clever powerful tools, but they are still not as good at applying the same thought processes as a human. For example; if you search ‘Jaguar’, do you want to buy a Jaguar car, find information about the animal, or search for company selling products going by the same name. The search engine cannot differentiate which type of ‘Jaguar’ you are searching for.

Using the minus (-) symbol:
Jaguar –cars

This search eliminates the word ‘cars’ from the search results. It will search the word Jaguar but NOT the word cars.

Using the plus (+) symbol:
+The office

Searching ‘the office’ without the plus symbol, displays results that could include office equipment and buildings for rent etc. What search engines tend to do is look for unique words. The word ‘the’ is SO common it’s not taken into account when a search has been performed. Adding the plus (+) tells the search engine to include the word into the results.

Using the plus (~) symbol:

Castle ~glossary

Shows you keywords which are related to ‘castle’, in the same way you would find similar terms in a dictionary, thesaurus or directory.

For SEO optimization, operators listed below can be used to look at your competition and create an awareness of what are good and bad habits of words used in our searchable text. Like your title tags or within your body text. These terms are useful not just for SEO, but for helping you navigate round the web.

Search page title (intitle:)/(allintitle:) :
intitle:website intitle:designer allintitle:website designer

This search restricts results to only display search terms within a page title.

Search body text (intext:) :

This search restricts results to only display search terms within the body text of a page.

Search using a wildcard (*) :
seo*directory returns seo friendly directory

The star symbol allows for a wild card i.e. a random word to be put in place of the (*). If you’re struggling to think of an appropriate word to be used, Google creates a word to help the search results display the sites you are after.

Compare (related:) URL’s:

Returns pages that are linked to the site and what else they are linking too.

These are just a few ways to help you create better search results when using Google or other search engines, try a few out and take note of the results, does it help you find what your looking for in less time?

Why not take it further and combine different key symbols and operators to enhance your results!

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  3. Ronald Tabler Says:

    Hi: Great to discover your blog. It seems as I will be heading back soon.

  4. Marti Says:

    Hi Ryan. Thanks for the reminder about search operators. These should be taught in school about the time kids are taught to use a dictionary.

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