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iPhone 4, getting a little bit more out of the camera…

Well, it all began on a wet Sunday afternoon, when I heard the words “Mum, the camera batteries are dead and I need to get some shots for Art tomorrow.”

The iPhone 4 comes with a 5 megapixel camera and a HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting, which allows you to take brighter photos in dark settings. When you take a photo the phone takes three exposures in quick succession – first with an auto exposure, a second under exposed and a third over exposed. The auto exposure shot is saved, the iPhone then combines all three exposures into one image, the HDR version, and saves it as a second image.

In certain light conditions the HDR setting produces better images than using the flash. It was this feature that really made our little, make shift, photo studio work.

So, with the light fading fast and a frozen pot of partly eaten apples starting to drip, this is what we did. (This was an exploration of decay, for A level Art)

Setting up equipment

iPhone 4
2 x bedroom lamps
extension lead
couple of books
frozen apples
large plastic tray

We positioned the two lamps almost opposite each other to try and cancel out harsh shadows. In the absence of a tripod for the iPhone, a pile of books were used to avoid too much camera shake, as we needed to do fairly close-up images.

Whilst, this exercise was fun and obviously a necessity at the time, it does show the quality of image you can get from your iPhone 4, with a little imagination and acts as a reminder to keep plenty of batteries in for the main camera.

However, I should stress that this is a bit of fun. As a professional designer, when it comes to photography for a client, I believe in leaving it to the experts, who have the right equipment and lighting. Like most designers, I have my favourite photographers that I have worked with for many years – so lads, do not fear, I won’t be out photographing shower enclosures with my iPhone.

Apple being shot with HDR setting with Iphone4

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